Wedding Anniversaries

Pass your cursor over an anniversary to find it's meaning.

1st - Paper
2nd - Cotton
3rd - Leather
4th - Books or Flowers
5th - Wood or Clocks
6th - Iron
7th - Copper or Wool
8th - Bronze or Pottery
9th - Pottery , Willow or Poppies
10th- Tin, Aluminum
11th- Steel
12th- Silk or Linen or Peonies
13th- Lace
14th- Ivory or Opal
15th- Crystal
20th - China
25th - Silver
30th - Pearl
35th - Coral, Jade
40th - Ruby
45th - Sapphire
50th - Gold
55th - Emerald
60th - Diamond
70th - Platinum
75th Year - Diamond


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BrideOne of the most memorable of occasions, celebrated in many different ways throughout the world. From traditional to modern alternatives, Forget Me Not Occasions can help make that day even more special.

Working with you, we can take away much of the strains and stresses of planning, organisation and preparation through to the event itself. Leaving you free to focus on the things that matter.

Why us?

Many Brides and Grooms are very capable of planning a wedding but often underestimate the amount of time that is required behind the scenes to make everything right on the day. Pressures from all sides, financial, family, and of course the desire to make this a memorable and special day.

Our role is to reduce the demands on the couple by undertaking much of the background grind and worry about details. We offer a wide range of services that can help with all aspects of the event. More importantly we recognise it is your event and our role is to work with you and facilitate in those areas that you feel that you need some help.

Our ethos

We are passionate about any of the events we become involved with. Whatever the celebration, our aim is to ensure that the day is special and gives you many fond memories for the future.

Attention to detail, supportive help and professionalism are key to our services.

Please contact us for a free, no obligation, consultation by using our online contact form.